Participate in Research

Many opportunities are available for families to participate in autism research. You can join a clinical trial, enroll in a research study, contribute to our rich genetic database or participate online by adding your family information to a research database. Nearly 90 percent of children with cancer are enrolled in clinical trials--contrasted with only 5 percent of children with autism. Your participation can make a difference in the lives of all who struggle with autism.

Also please see Autism Speaks Participant’s Guide to Autism Drug Research.


Family Participation in Research
Family Participation in Research is designed to connect families interested in participating in studies with researchers who are actively recruiting participants.

ATP Find out how you can help tissue based scientific research in autism. Click here!

Autism Tissue Program
The Autism Tissue Program (ATP), established in 1998, is a parent-led post-mortem brain tissue donation program dedicated to autism research.

CTN Autism Clinical Trials Network
The Autism Clinical Trials Network (ACTN) launched in 2005 to focus on translational research, the critical step necessary to transfer findings from the laboratory to clinical application.
Interactive Autism Network Interactive Autism Network
Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is an innovative online project designed to accelerate the pace of autism research by allowing parents to report information about their child's diagnosis, behavior, environment, services received, as well as progress over time.