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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the source of DELSIA’s funding? DELSIA operates exclusively on financial support provided through investments from Autism Speaks. Supplemental grants may also be approved to DELSIA by the Autism Speaks Board of Directors from time to time to act on unexpected opportunities.

Will DELSIA raise its own funds? Can donors give directly to DELSIA? No. Currently DELSIA does not accept financial gifts or donations, nor does it engage in fundraising activities to support its activities.

How can I support DELSIA? Donors are encouraged to support the mission of DELSIA by donating to Autism Speaks and can restrict gifts to specifically fund DELSIA operations and projects.

What is the relationship between DELSIA and Autism Speaks? DELSIA was established as a not-for-profit limited liability corporation (LLC) that operates in a coordinated and synergistic fashion with the rest of Autism Speaks’ science program. A majority of the DELSIA Board of Managers also serve as directors on the Autism Speaks’ Board. Key leadership positions in DELSIA - including the chair of the board, president and treasurer are held by members of Autism Speaks’ science leadership.

Will DELSIA pursue financial compensation if awards to partners lead to commercial success? Yes. The primary goal of DELSIA is to create value for our community in the form of progress towards delivering products to market that align with unmet needs and transform outcomes for individuals with autism. The goal is not to generate financial revenue for DELSIA, which is why we commonly refer to ourselves as a venture philanthropy organization. We do, however, believe that DELSIA should be allowed to share in the commercial success of partners when our financial leadership has enabled them to bring a new product to market. When royalty terms are pursued with awards, they would be modest and structured in a way that would not complicate or confuse the non-profit nature of our mission.

How large is DELSIA’s annual budget? DELSIA does not disclose prospective annual operating budgets or the scale of its investment fund.