World Autism Month Kindness Quest - Week Two

Autism Speaks Kindness Quest
Kindness Quest Week 2


Week Two: 4/6/2020-4/12/2020

Your kindness quest this week is to help create a kinder, more inclusive world for people with autism.

Here’s how:

  1. Take the #KindnessCounts challenge and spread kindness on social media

  2. Take the sibling challenge - April 10th is Sibling Day! If you're autistic and have an amazing sibling, or if you have an amazing autistic sibling, post a kind message together and tag @autismspeaks 

  3. Take the kindness pledge (If you haven't yet)

Once you finish your quest for this week, be sure to post on social media and tag @autismspeaks on social using #LightItUpBlue and #KindnessCounts!

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