World Autism Month Kindness Quest

April is World Autism Month, a time for friends and neighbors to come together in honor of understanding and acceptance of people with autism.

This year we're asking you to embark on a Kindness Quest to help us make 2020 the year of kindness and help create a kinder, more inclusive world for autistic people. Together we can create one million acts of kindness. Every Monday this month we will reveal the kindness quest of the week. Once you finish your quest for the week, be sure to post on social media and tag @autismspeaks on social using #LightItUpBlue, #WorldAutismMonth, and #KindnessCounts.


Autism Speaks Kindness Quest
Kindness Quest Week 1
Kindness Quest Week 2
Kindness Quest Week 3
Kindness Quest Week 4
Kindness Quest Week 5
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