Get Involved with World Autism Month

Pledge your support 

Make a world of difference by pledging your support and uploading your photo to become part of our worldwide mosaic of unity and collaboration. Make an even greater impact with a small donation. Visit

Share on social

Join our 2.8 million social followers and help foster understanding and acceptance by sharing the diverse stories of people on the spectrum or telling your own. Submit your story for our social media pages.

Add our Autism Speaks Instagram stickers when you post by searching for "Autism Speaks" under GIF when you post.

Wear Your Support

This April, during World Autism Month we’re standing together to make a world of difference for people on the spectrum. Join us and show your support by wearing our official World Autism Month gear

Man and Woman wearing World Autism Month t-shirts

Light It Up Blue

Light It Up Blue

On April 2nd, in honor of World Autism Awareness Day, supporters around the globe light up their homes or businesses blue! 

Get BLUE Feit Electric light bulbs at Home Depot. Visit to get blue light filters and learn other ways to light blue.