Fundraise for World Autism Month


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Fundraise on social

Learn about all the ways you can fundraise on social media.

Kindness Campaign

The Autism Speaks Kindness Campaign celebrates and encourages acceptance, understanding and inclusion with daily acts of kindness. Choose from two great ways to participate: Learn with Kindness at school or Lead with Kindness at work.

Fundraise Your Way (FYW)

Our Fundraise Your Way platform allows you to create your own fundraising page for any type of event you want. Birthday campaign, wedding, corporate fundraiser and anything in-between.

College or university involvement

Autism Speaks U

Join a nationwide network of university students dedicated to raising awareness and funds in support of people with autism and their families.

Initiated in 2006 at Penn State, the Autism Speaks U program has grown to over 30 chapters at colleges and universities across the U.S. supporting the Autism Speaks mission.

Join with students, faculty and alumni in student-organized events and Walk teams. Have fun while making a difference!