Fundraise for World Autism Month


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Kindness Campaign

The Autism Speaks Kindness Campaign is a way to fundraise for the autism community while sharing quick acts of kindness that encourage acceptance, understanding and inclusion. It’s a great way to celebrate World Autism Month in April. Whether you are joining as part of a school wide effort, a company initiative or participating with your friends and family – the Kindness Campaign makes it easy for everyone to take part. Join our Kindness Campaign to stand with us and make a world of difference for children, teens and adults on the spectrum.

Fundraise Your Way

Fundraise Your Way allows you to create your own fundraising page for any type of event you want. Celebrate special occasions (birthday, graduation, etc.), organize a fitness event (pickleball, cornhole or yoga) or turn your favorite hobby, talent or passion into a way to support Autism Speaks. You can raise money on your own & invite family and friends to join your team. All proceeds go directly to Autism Speaks to support our mission to create a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential.