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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you first check your system to determine if it will support using the ASD Video Glossary. Click this link to see the system requirements.

What do I need to play the videos?
In order to view the streaming video, you must have the Adobe Flash Player, version 9 or higher. The Adobe Flash Player may be downloaded from Adobe. Click here for download page.

When I try to register, I cannot scroll down to check the "I Accept" box for the User Agreement. What should I do?
To properly display the site your screen resolution must be set to 1024 x 768 with 32 bit colors. Please reset you screen resolution and complete your registration.

Why am I prompted to Login every time I open the ASD Video Glossary?
To avoid having to login every time you open the ASD Video Glossary, click the "Remember me" checkbox before clicking "Enter." Your browser must accept cookies.

Why aren't the videos loading? Why do I see "Buffering"?
Unlike other video players you may use on the web, the ASD Video Glossary is actually downloading 2 videos simultaneously. This takes more time. Your connection speed to the Internet also plays a role. Ideal performance is experienced with a broadband connection using DSL, cable modem or T1 line. Dial-up and slower DSL connections are not suitable for viewing the videos. If you are attempting to access the ASD Video Glossary from within a business or institution, the firewall settings may block you from viewing the videos. Please contact your network administrator to trouble shoot your particular situation.

Why can't I see the ASD Video Glossary in my browser window?
The ASD Video Glossary uses the Adobe Flash Player. You must use a web browser with Adobe Flash Player 9 (or greater) installed. Click here to download.

I clicked on a link from the Glossary of Terms and the ASD Video Glossary did not appear?
Be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker. The ASD Video Glossary opens in a new window.

May I use your video clips in a presentation I am giving?
We cannot give you permission to "download" any video clips from the ASD Video Glossary (nor can we provide you with a CD/DVD of clips). However, if you are a professional who is interested in showing these video clips in an upcoming presentation or training session, you may do so by linking your computer directly to the ASD Video Glossary on the Internet when you train or present.

If you are going to present from a new computer, be sure to login before your presentation, so you don't have to do it during the presentation. Your link should go right to the ASD Video Glossary. You will need to then select the exact spot within the site you want to go (e.g., Social Interaction, Nonverbal Behavior, clips #1) and you can list the target spots in your presentation as a reminder to yourself. The best performance will be with a wired connection, not wireless. You should rehearse and view all the video clips you plan to use in your presentation in advance and remember not to turn off your computer, cut off the Internet connection, or move from the site between rehearsal and presentation time. This way, the video clips will be cached and the loading time should be shorter.

Alternatively, you can order the DVD On the Spectrum: Children and Autism, a 24-minute educational video that shows side-by-side clips of young children who are typically developing and at risk for autism. Some of this footage is used in the ASD Video Glossary. For ordering information, click here .

Further questions?
Email us at: