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Talking to Parents About Autism Kit

Today, 1 in 59 American children is diagnosed with autism. As an early childhood educator, you may be the first to notice when a child is not meeting typical developmental milestones. When this happens, you need to talk to the parents and urge them to have their child screened.

Now there are materials available to help you prepare for this important conversation. The Talking to Parents About Autism Action Kit contains the tools you need to initiate this critical dialogue. Having this conversation with parents can make all the difference in a child's life!
The contents of this kit are available for download online. See the links below.

Brought to you by Autism Speaks, CDC and the Advertising Council, the kit contains:

Message to Educators Message to Educators

A short introduction to the kit and its materials. Share it with teachers and administrators interested in learning more about developmental delays and autism.

Download English Message
Download Spanish Message

Talking to Parents About Autism Training Video
A documentary-style, hands-on resource with examples of how to broach the topic of a potential developmental delay with parents. It contains real-life situations, strategies and success stories. View below.
View the English video View the Spanish video

Early Childhood Milestone Map Early Childhood Milestone Map
A handy take-home flier to share with parents to help them follow their child's developmental path. The flier offers important ideas and suggestions for parents who have questions or want to learn more.
English Map
Spanish Map
Cambodian (Khmer)
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