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From first concern to action

If you are an adult and think you may have autism, please see Is It Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults (available for free download).

If you’re a parent or other caregiver concerned that a child may have autism, it’s important and always appropriate to take your concerns to a doctor. Autism Speaks encourages you to do so promptly as earlier intervention can improve outcomes.

In the meantime, this section of our website can help you recognize possible signs of autism and get the services your child needs. Please see the three steps below.

Step 1: Learn the signs  


Step 2: Get your child screened


Step 3: Access services

You can also download our First Concern to Action Tool Kit here.

Contact the Autism Response Team

Need personal guidance? Members of the Autism Speaks Autism Response Team are trained to connect individuals and families with information, tools and resources.

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