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Gift Types


The most common form of giving is a straight cash donation (check or money order).
Autism Speaks accepts gifts of stock. The stock is sold one day following transfer at the average price between the high and the low on the day of transfer. Donating stock that has appreciated in value has tax benefits. Donors receive a tax deduction for the current value of the stock while avoiding most or all capital gains tax.
In limited instances Autism Speaks can accept assets such as property, artwork, collectibles, or valuables. Tax deductions have IRS limitations.
Donors can choose to make a major gift and spread out payment over a number of years. For example, a donor can get benefits and recognition for a $100,000 gift while making payments of $25,000 over four years.
Planned Giving
Planned gifts offer donors the opportunity to gain the satisfaction of supporting Autism Speaks and receiving certain benefits while deferring their gift until a future date. For example, including Autism Speaks as a beneficiary in your will is the most common form of planned gift. Other planned gifts, such as charitable trusts, provide income for life and tax benefits. Click here for more information on Planned Giving
For more information on becoming a Major Gift Donor contact Melissa Halbridge, National Director of Major Giving at (646) 385-8590 or