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Calls to Action

Fund a Research Grant

Autism Speaks seeks financial support for the following initiatives in Science.  We invite donors who are able to contribute $25,000 or more to support a specific research grant or program.  You will receive periodic progress reports as well as opportunities to speak directly with the researchers.

Read the story of the Cherns, current research grant donors



Autism Speaks awards pilot grants or grants for extended research in the following areas.  Grants are generally two to three years in duration:

• early diagnosis
• treatment
• genetics
• environmental factors
• translational research

Our Weatherstone pre-doctoral fellowships and our post-doctoral fellowships provide both research and training opportunities.  Grants are two years in duration.

Translational Research
Translational research seeks to move basic research into clinical trials and ultimately into production of treatments for consumers.  Autism Speaks is leading this effort for the skyrocketing population of individuals and families affected by autism.

Forming collaborations among scientists in similar fields facilitates sharing of information. Financial support is needed to underwrite meetings and conferences among these groups. Examples include:

  • Toddler Treatment Network     
  • Environmental Studies Group 
  • Autism Genome Project  
  • Global Autism Public Health
  • Translational Research Initiative

Autism Speaks’ supports clinical care through the following programs:

  • Autism Treatment Network – a consortium of 17 clinical sites located at major research centers, all dedicated to providing evidenced-based medical care
  • Autism Genetic Resource Exchange – a resource bank of genetic material
  • Autism Tissue Program – a resource bank of brain tissue

For more information on directing your major gift towards a research grant please contact Melissa Halbridge, National Director of Major Giving at (646) 385-8590 or