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Fund the Baker Camp Summer Scholarship Program


“We are very excited to partner with Autism Speaks to bring this program to a national level. The scholarships will provide financially disadvantaged families an opportunity for respite, while their children with autism enjoy a summer camp experience.”
Norma and Malcolm Baker, seed donors of the Summer Camp Scholarship Program

The Baker Summer Camp Scholarship Program enables children and adolescents with autism who come from families with financial need to reap the social, emotional, and recreational benefits of going to camp with typically-developing peers.  For these families, the intense pressure of medical bills, therapy, medication, and other associated expenses of caring for a child with autism is especially acute; summer camp is usually not an option.  Since 2010, Autism Speaks has awarded scholarships to more than 630 campers at 99 camps across the country through the Autism Speaks Baker Summer Camp Scholarship Program. All camps in the U.S. that provide a summer program to financially disadvantaged individuals with autism were eligible to apply.

Last year, Autism Speaks received applications from 181 camps from Maine to Florida and from Hawaii to Connecticut.  Because of limited funding, we were able to award scholarships to only about one quarter of the camps that responded to our Request for Application (RFA).   


Quotes from the 2012 Camp Season

“Kris had a very rough school year due to bullying. We wanted him in a
safe nurturing environment to help build his self-esteem,
and Camp CARD NE was perfect!”
Kris’s Parents

“The best thing about summer camp was making new friends
and being invited to a birthday party!”
Autism Speaks 2012 Camper

“Without your help, it wouldn’t have been possible. The program helped
Nathaniel work on many things that he struggles with such as emotional regulation,
transitioning, socializing and sensory issues… the amount of progress that
he has made over the summer is spectacular!”
Nathaniel’s Parents

“The best thing about camp is having a fun place to go to and feeling accepted”
Autism Speaks 2012 Camper


“This was his first real camp experience and he just loved every minute.
He made new friends and enjoyed different camp activities.”
Michael’s Parents


Interested in helping campers in your area? For more information on directing your contribution towards this program contact Melissa Halbridge, National Director of Major Giving at (646) 385-8590 or