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eBay Giving

Make an Impact When You Buy or Sell on eBay

Find out how you can support Autism Speaks each time you buy or sell on eBay.

List an item supporting Autism Speaks

Turn your eBay listings into a force for good with eBay Giving Works. You can donate 10% to 100% of the final sale price to Autism Speaks and get a pro-rated credit on your Insertion and Final Value fees when your listing sells.

Benefits to you, the seller:

  • Receive a fee credit when your item sells.
  • Track your tax-deductible donations in My eBay.
  • Stand out with the charity ribbon icon in search results.
  • Help fund research and support those affected by autism.

Benefits to us, Autism Speaks:

  • The $$$ you fundraise for us, obviously!
  • Promotion on the eBay platform!

For more information on selling an item to benefit Autism Speaks go here.

Shop auctions supporting Autism Speaks

Go here to browse listings that will donate a percentage of proceeds to Autism Speaks.

Favorite Autism Speaks on eBay Giving Works

You can donate $1 or more (up to $25) to support Autism Speaks whenever you complete a purchase on eBay and pay using PayPal. It’s a quick, easy way to help make an impact.

Favorite Autism Speaks on eBay