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Licensed Partners

Safety and Education
At Autism Speaks, it is our mission to help communities improve the safety of loved ones on the autism spectrum. These companies offer advanced tracking tools useful to prevent wandering and moderate traveling, online and telephone security programs for stress-free communication, and award-winning iPad apps useful to parents, teachers, therapists, etc. for a fun and effective learning experience.

eTrak Website

My Child Safeguard

Safe Guard Connect Website

Brain Parade

Brain Parade Website

You can go out and see a game or show of your choice and donate to Autism Speaks when buying your ticket, or purchase an Autism Speaks wristband and receive one free subscription to SHAPE or Men’s Journal Magazine.

Tickets for Charity

Tickets For Charity Website

EFX Performance

EFX USA Website

Attire & Accessories
These Autism Speaks merchandises will embellish any outfit, cellphone, bracelet, or Christmas tree with blue autism awareness; check out the spiffy ties, hip cellphone cases, chic beads, and elegant ornaments.

Mountain & Sackett

Mountain & Sackett Website


Cellairis Website

Zales Persona

Zales Persona Website

Personal Creations

Personal Creations Website