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Our Board in Action

July 09, 2014

Second Circuit says Italian child can stay to avoid "Grave Risk of Harm." Board Member Gary Mayerson filed Amicus Brief in case

May 23, 2014

New York's Westchester Medical Center faces $3 million lawsuit over claims a nurse slapped a nine-year-old boy with autism.

May 08, 2014

Autism Speaks Board Member and attorney Gary Mayerson answers questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act

April 28, 2014

Andrew Robertson, President & CEO of BBDO Worldwide and an Autism Speaks Board Member, emphasizes importance of early intervention

April 24, 2014

Board Member talks with WGN-TV, visits Chicago Neiman Marcus store on her Blue Garden tour; candle sales benefit Autism Speaks

April 14, 2014

Board Member visits Neiman Marcus store to meet Walkers; Sales of NEST Blue Garden candle benefit Autism Speaks

April 08, 2014

Court applies Congress’ “Least Restrictive Environment” mandate to extended school year; Board Member Gary Mayerson argued the case

March 31, 2014

Laura Slatkin talks with us about her new campaign to help out with autism awareness month with her "Blue Garden Tour."