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Calls to Action


April 02, 2016

"Every person deserves the chance to reach for their highest hopes and fulfill their greatest potential."

December 09, 2015

This week President Obama signed S. 1177, or the Every Students Succeeds Act, an elementary and secondary education bill that improves the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) which was last reauthorized under the No Child Left Behind Act.

July 24, 2015

Twenty-five years ago today, President George H. W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), landmark legislation that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in employment, education, transportation and other public accommodations.

July 21, 2015

President Barack Obama was joined yesterday by members of the disability community at the White House to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

July 14, 2015

Last December, advocates across the country celebrated a victory eight years in the making when President Obama signed the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2014.

April 07, 2015

Monday a number of families joined President Barack Obama on the South Lawn at the White House for the annual Easter egg roll. This year eleven year old Hal Wiseman II who has autism was invited to join.

December 21, 2014

Tax-free savings allowed for disability expenses

August 08, 2014

Law authorizes $1.3 billion in new federal funding for autism