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Calls to Action

Liz Feld

January 25, 2015

Autism Speaks' President, Liz Feld, and Senior Vice President of Medical Research, Dr. Paul Wang, appeared on "Up Close With Diana Williams" to discuss Avonte's Law and the issue of wandering in the autism community.

January 14, 2015

The Long Island Exchange highlighted The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act recently signed into law by President Obama and what it means for the finances of families in our autism community.

December 09, 2014

Changing the future of autism with open science: “What we know about autism is not enough; MSSNG is the search for the answers"

August 18, 2014

New strategic plan emphasizes research and community outreach at 14 centers across North America; includes two new centers

August 07, 2014

Autism Speaks President Liz Feld calls on NC State Senate President Phil Berger to bring bill to a vote

August 05, 2014

Autism Speaks president emphasizes the importance of early intervention and the fight for autism insurance coverage

July 31, 2014

The New York Times explores “optimal outcomes” in autism – rare individuals who overcome symptoms, usually with intensive therapy

July 11, 2014

A letter from Autism Speaks President Liz Feld to New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson