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Calls to Action


January 06, 2015

New study out of Denmark suggests that autism’s rising prevalence may stem, in part, from changes in diagnostic criteria

January 05, 2015

National autism monitoring network will look for advances in early identification, with special attention to new criteria for diagnosis

April 17, 2014

Self-advocates, families and autism professionals invited to weigh in on research to explore effects of new diagnostic criteria for ASD

April 10, 2014

Federal committee expresses caution on use of new criteria for ASD; families tell Autism Speaks of lost diagnoses and services

January 27, 2014

Prevalence unchanged when ASD combined with new social communication disorder; researchers say autism services appropriate for both

January 22, 2014

Study suggests fewer children would get ASD diagnosis; Autism Speaks investigating what happens when diagnosis lost or changed to SCD

January 08, 2014

Kim receives president’s early career scientist award; Autism Speaks funding her investigation of DSM-5’s effects on autism community