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Autism Spectrum

July 24, 2015

ASF’s Alycia Halladay and Autism Speaks’ Dan Smith discuss two remarkable new advances in autism research

July 07, 2015

Food aversions among kids with autism place great stress on parents and disrupt family meals; behavioral intervention can help

July 01, 2015

Now available for online viewing: Science panel discussion from the Autism Speaks 2015 National Leadership Summit, in DC

June 30, 2015

Researchers find otherwise rare speech disorder affects nearly 65 percent of children with autism; call for screening and treatment

June 25, 2015

Nature News updates us on the latest oxytocin research – and why the hormone is losing its image as a simple cuddle chemical

June 23, 2015

Analysis of 2.7 million births suggests that cesareans don’t cause autism, but both may share underlying risk factors