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Autism Speaks

January 13, 2015

Dr. Buie answers your follow-up questions from last week’s “Office Hours” video on recognizing acid-reflux in those with autism

January 07, 2015

The 1st installment in a new video series for parents and professionals on recognizing and resolving GI issues in those with autism

January 06, 2015

FDA funds study to investigate concerns about long-term use of Miralax, used daily by many affected by autism and chronic constipation

January 05, 2015

Survey of parents at Autism Speaks ATN center supports growing body of research showing social benefits of pet ownership

December 24, 2014

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote an opinion piece Tuesday stating her support for moving Reginald "Neli" Latson out of prison and into a treatment facility, a sentiment that was voiced by Autism Speaks' co-founders Suzanne and Bob Wright last week.

December 18, 2014

New technique helps scientists identify meaningful changes in little-explored region of a person’s genome; special relevance for autism