Meet Chase T.… and information about autism was difficult but helen and alan made their job advocate for their son and get him the support needed they quickly enrolled chase his preschools autismcentric special education program where would receive … have the opportunity participate enjoyable activities like therapeutic horseback riding gymnastics and art class with team supporters like his family teachers and behavioral therapists chase has come long way since being diagnosed toddler even … autism what areas has your autism helped you excel have faced struggles like talking other people conversations being part group and focusing work autism helped excel making very imaginative and creative why important people the spectrum advocate …
Parent Worries: Adult Son with Autism Still Obsessed with Barney… son 24 and the autism spectrum diagnosed with pddnos child works parttime home depot and attends socialsupport group called community connections twice week while continues get more involved with the adult world his job comes home and … educator peter gerhardt gerhardt who serves autism speaks family services committee has more than 30 years experience supporting teens and adults with autism educational residential vocational and community settings thanks for your question …
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