Can brain scans help personalize autism therapies and supports? … disorders institute george washington university autism speaks meixner postdoctoral fellowship translational research supported the research yang describes here glad tell you about the promising findings the research supported autism speaks meixner fellowship team developing and testing methods that predict how well someone with autism … predict whether she would benefit from given behavioral therapy social training program did this with two very different groups people affected autism young children and young adults and each group completed very different intervention after …
Video training for parents of babies at risk for autism… 54 babies the original study roughly half whom received the parenttraining intervention with the others serving comparison group they reevaluated the children 27 and 39 months age roughly 1 year and 2 years after the end the videofeedback training … ended green well hypothesed that might achieve longterm effect but its always pleasant surprise when the data actually supports your hypothesis the beginning our study the 9montholds who had high familial risk had overall increased levels … initiate social interactions previous studies both typically developing and autistic groups have provided much evidence support this idea autism speaks please describe some example strategies that the parents learned green first help parents …
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