Research meeting highlights access and intersectional challenges in U.S. and international communities … specifically designed reduce some that resource burden early data presented wagner from the clinical trial the tap tool supported its effectiveness diagnostic tool for children who were referred for autism evaluation but further research was needed see the tool would effective other sites with more mixed groups children after testing the tool with 200 providers from across specialties from pediatricians school psychologists … restrictions are lifted related session researchers childrens mercy kansas city presented findings about using telehealth support caregivers during the pandemic located area with range patients from rural suburban and urban neighborhoods there …
Autism and ‘optimal outcomes’ – Is it time to refine our thinking?… clinicians and therapists rethink what mean optimal outcomes for years weve been using this term describe relatively small group people with autism who with therapy and support experience such marked decrease autism symptoms that they longer meet the criteria use diagnose the condition other … proposed redefining optimal outcome the best possible outcome based each childs personal characteristics and available supports find this much more suitable concept for developing autism services and setting goals for each child teen adult the …
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