Family Advisors:  The power and importance of connection… and liza krassner mpa for many families who care for loved one with autism spectrum disorder access knowledge and resources support autism critical the right supports can enhance life that meaningful and productive for and colleague liza krassner understand how important these … committee fac the autism speaks autism treatment network autism intervention research network physical health atnairp this group 12 sites across the and canada represent wide array autism services research and clinical programs supports treatments …
Spanish resources help bilingual families in the autism community overcome language barriers … diagnostic appointment berlina felipe did her research she had year during that wait reading about what expect and how plan supports for her son alex when did get diagnosed age 4 even though was already prepared was still hard felipe said she found … wanting get spot both jairs grandmothers who took care him when was young attended the spanish classes well learn how support him years later mom told she glad that got all the early intervention gaby said and that never gave the felipe and … many their classes and resources spanish based participant feedback they also sometimes separate dads and moms into two groups encourage each group talk more openly alexs family made sure learn from his providers and school contacts how help …
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