Things to Look For in Your Child's Team… autism are often quite complex helpful take broad approach when evaluating concerns and deciding how provide appropriate support order meet their various needs many people with autism especially those with challenging behaviors need team develop … team members how have you worked collaboratively the past have say were lucky enough from the beginning have assembled group fine people who had the very best intentions helping son eli but few months into his preschool year after elis … you can learn about the providers experience asking his office connecting with school agency staff other parents local support groups for suggestions and recommendations what your experience working with individuals with autism this age group
Assembling Your Team After a Diagnosis… often takes team people help support person with autism your childs team will consist many different members they will help you address all areas your … decisions about your childs treatment education recreation and health below some helpful information how assemble this group professionals medical team your child should supported pediatrician who understands developmental issues and who will serve your childs primary care provider depending …
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