Caring for the Caregiver… you are making enormous difference his her life make happen you need take care yourself take moment ask yourself where does support and strength come from how really doing need cry complain scream would like some help but dont know who ask remember … your child and want see them succeed ask for help asking for help can very hard especially first dont hesitate use whatever support available you people around you may want help but may not know how there someone who can take your other kids … who just listens can great source strength you cant get out the house use the phone call friend consider joining support group may helpful listen talk people who have been are going through similar experience support groups can great sources …
Assembling Your Team After a Diagnosis… often takes team people help support person with autism your childs team will consist many different members they will help you address all areas your … decisions about your childs treatment education recreation and health below some helpful information how assemble this group professionals medical team your child should supported pediatrician who understands developmental issues and who will serve your childs primary care provider depending …
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