Scientific Research Grants & How to Apply

Scientific Research Grants and Fellowship Programs

Autism Speaks Science is committed to being a catalyst for research breakthroughs that improve lives today and deliver a spectrum of solutions in the years ahead. This work involves unraveling the biology of autism, including its varied subtypes and dimensions and translating research findings into life-enhancing solutions.  

Autism Speaks is likewise committed to collaborating with the autism community to advance research that translates findings into better evidence-based interventions and tailors and delivers interventions to those who may benefit from them. In addition to grants, researchers interested in Genetic Data can apply for access to MSSNG or AGRE.

Autism Speaks will release a variety of topic-specific grant calls over time which support a wide range of projects.

2022 Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships – LOIs due February 1, 2022

2022 Predoctoral Fellowships: The primary purpose of our predoctoral fellowships is to provide highly qualified candidates with exceptional research training opportunities broadly related to the study of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

2022 Postdoctoral Fellowships: The goal of our postdoctoral fellowships is to support well-qualified postdoctoral scientists pursuing training in autism.

Central Auditory Process Disorders Grant Opportunity – LOIs due December 14, 2021

Autism Speaks, with generous support from the Royal Arch Research Assistance, anticipates funding one pilot research award, at up to $60,000 US (1 year), one predoctoral fellowship award, at up to $40,000/yr (2 yrs) US, and one postdoctoral fellowship, at up to $55,000/yr (2 yrs) US, focused on understanding, evaluating and/or treating individuals with central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), particularly as it relates to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Final funding decisions will be based on the scientific merit and fidelity to the RFA of reviewed applications. There are no geographical restrictions. International applications are welcome.

Please see the RFA for more information and application instructions. 

Research Planning Grants – applications due November 22, 2021

Complete information and dates can be found in the RFA (Request for Applications).

Due Dates, Awards – see each RFA for complete information

Fall 2021 Autism Speaks Fellowships

Other Application/Grant Information

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Apply Online:

All proposals must be submitted online via Autism Speaks Science Grants System. Through its various user-friendly features, applicants and institutional officials can monitor the status of their applications and grants. System access instructions can be found in the RFAs.

Electronic submissions are mandatory. No paper or e-mailed applications will be accepted. For inquiries, please contact:

Joan L. New, Research Grants Manager
Autism Speaks
1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (609) 228-7313

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