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Wandering Tech Featured at Autism Speaks Autism Investment Conference

Scientists, entrepreneurs and investors meet to advance technologies that can help families respond to autism-related wandering
February 21, 2014

At its upcoming Autism Investment Conference, Autism Speaks will showcase a number of innovative products designed to prevent and respond effectively to wandering. The conference will take place March 4 and 5, in San Francisco. At a special session on wandering technology, product developers will share progress and challenges and meet with potential investors interested in delivering the most effective products to the autism community.

Nearly half of individuals with autism are prone to wandering, or “elopement,” and its related dangers place tremendous stress on families. Preventing wandering requires a multi-faceted approach with a significant emphasis on education of affected individuals, families, first responders and other community members. And while technology isn’t always the answer, many families report being helped by wearable locating devices and related products.

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AIC2014 is Autism Speaks’ second annual Autism Investment Conference. Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of the diverse opportunity landscape for new business development and connect developers with investors. From healthcare and life sciences to education and housing, AIC2014 will introduce entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes working on innovative products that address the unmet needs of the autism community.