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Top Ten Autism Research Achievements of 2009

Here we offer our perspective on 2009's top 10 scientific achievements in autism research. With input from Autism Speaks' Scientific Advisory Committee, Autism Speaks science staff culled through thousands of publications to arrive at our choices. While ma
February 04, 2010

This past year witnessed several important advances in autism research from the discovery of autism susceptibility genes to alarming new autism prevalence estimates to novel findings about effective treatments for autism spectrum disorders. 

The Year of Autism Epidemiology
Early Intervention for Toddlers with ASD
The First Successful Genome-Wide Association Studies for Autism
Studies of Genetic Copy Number Variations Reveal New Biological Pathways
Combined Therapies Hold Promise for More Effective Treatments
Genetic Findings Lead to New Mouse Model of Autism
Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Autistic Regression, and Fever
Later Language Acquisition in Nonverbal Individuals with Autism
Language Regression in Autism
Association of Family History of Autoimmune Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorders