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Calls to Action

Support fragile X research to solve another piece of the autism puzzle

Autism Speaks joins with the National Fragile X Foundation to support July as Fragile X Awareness Month
July 08, 2015



Join Autism Speaks and the National Fragile X Foundation to support Fragile X Awareness Month this July. Fragile X is the leading cause of inherited autism linked to intellectual disability. Finding effective treatments and a cure for fragile X enhances our goal to change the future for all who struggle with an autism spectrum disorder.

In the video above, Katie Couric partners with Yahoo News to share important research findings on the fragile X gene and its link to autism. The video provides a glimpse into one family’s journey with fragile X and lends insight into the kind of research needed to “crack the codes” that will solve the puzzles of fragile X, autism and other brain-body conditions.

Katie also asks the all-important question, “If the fragile X protein is so critically important and may be related to a whole host of diseases, why is there not more funding for fragile X research?”  The answer is simple: We need to increase awareness.

Supporting families and advocating for fragile X research and awareness requires leadership and greater investment. Working together, we will find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

For more information, visit or call the National Fragile X Foundation at 800-688-8765.