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ReachMD Podcast Spotlights Autism Speaks’ Gut-Brain Initiative

Researchers discuss the promise of their Autism Speaks-funded studies into autism, oxidative stress, the microbiome and probiotics
December 15, 2014

This week’s ReachMD podcast spotlights the first two clinical studies funded through Autism Speaks’ new Gut-Brain Initiative.

James Versalovic, chief of pathology at Texas Children’s Hospital, discusses his investigation into how the microbiome affects autism symptoms, with an eye to developing probiotic treatments. The microbiome is the body’s community of digestive bacteria.

Pat Levitt, chair of developmental neurogenetics at Children’s Hospital-Los Angeles, discusses his clinical study on autism, oxidative stress and gastrointestinal health. Previous studies have associated oxidative stress – a sign of cell damage – with autism and constipation.

Listen to the podcast here.

For more information – including contact details for families interested in participating in these studies – see “Autism Speaks Invests $2.3 Million in Research on Gut-Brain Connection.”

Also see "Autism Speaks & GI Research: Listen to Families, Build on Science," by Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Rob Ring and Paul Wang, Autism Speaks senior vice president for medical research.