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Podcast on including the minimally verbal in autism research

Autism Speaks-funded researcher Helen Tager-Flusberg describes ways to broaden autism research to include a neglected population
September 06, 2016

In this month’s Autism Matters podcast, host Laura Crane interviews Autism Speaks-funded researcher Helen Tager-Flusberg about innovative ways to include nonverbal and minimally verbal children and adults in autism research.

“In part [this is] because of the challenging behaviors they present alongside their very limited means for communication,” Dr. Tager-Flusberg writes in this month’s issue of Autism.

In the podcast and its related article, Dr. Tager-Flusberg discusses some of the methods she has successfully used to include this often-neglected group in her studies. She also discusses some of the advances in understanding autism that have resulted from involving those who have little or no language.  

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