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Office Hours with GI Specialist Tim Buie: Acid Reflux and Autism

The 1st installment in a new video series for parents and professionals on recognizing and resolving GI issues in those with autism
January 07, 2015



Autism Speaks is pleased to launch a new expert-advice video series – “Office Hours” with acclaimed pediatric gastroenterologist  Timothy Buie, of MassGeneral Hospital’s  Lurie Center for Autism. The Lurie Center is one of 14 specialty-care centers in the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network.

This week, Dr. Buie tackles the challenges of recognizing the signs of painful acid reflux in nonverbal patients with autism. We invite you to use the comment section below to post your questions after viewing the segment. Or send your questions to

We’ll post Dr. Buie’s answers next week, and a new video will follow every other Wednesday.

Update: Dr. Buie's follow-up Q&A now posted here.

Future segments in this weekly series will include Dr. Buie’s insights and advice related to autism’s gut-brain connection and probiotics and other strategies for promoting a healthy digestive system.

We are thrilled to have Dr Buie’s expertise to share with our families.  We know this series will be helpful for all families whose children experience GI issues.