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New Autism Speaks Grant Search: Find Projects in Your Area

New search engine allows you to explore how we’re putting your dollars to work in your neighborhood, state and around the world
March 19, 2014


At Autism Speaks, we want to show our passionate community of families, volunteers and donors how their dollars are invested in projects that deliver services and advance scientific understanding and treatment of autism and its associated medical conditions.

Our community is funding projects that range from summer camps to ground-breaking international research collaborations.

Want to know what projects we’re funding in your area? Our new grant search engine allows you to search for research and family service projects by zip code, state or country. You can zoom in or out from zero to 500 miles of your location.

Then click on the blue puzzle pieces across the map to learn more about the projects we’re funding there.   

Are you interested in a particular type of service or avenue of research? A certain scientist, medical center or service provider? The search engine invites you to target any or all of these categories as well as general topics and award types. The engine’s “smart search” function will even help you along if you’re not sure of an exact name or spelling.

Of particular interest to many of our families, the search engine allows you to explore clinical studies by participant groups (from prenatal through adults over 25) and diagnosis (ASD, “at risk,” nonverbal, related conditions and more).

We hope our new web tool will help you find local Autism Speaks-funded services and explore research of interest. Please give it a test drive and let us know what you think in the comment section below. To access the search engine, click here or on the page image above.

All these projects - and more - are made possible by the generosity and hard work of Autism Speaks' community of families, volunteers and donors. Thank you!

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