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International Conference on Innovative Technologies for Autism Oct 3 &4

Autism Speaks co-hosts global conference on how digital technology is changing the lives of people with autism
September 30, 2014

(Sept 30, 2014) Autism Speaks, the Orange Foundation, the Pasteur Institute and the Adapta Foundation are hosting the 2nd International Conference on Innovative Technologies for Autism (ITASD) at the Pasteur Institute, in Paris, October 3 and 4. The conference will bring together scientists, care givers, associations and both individuals and families affected by autism.

University experts and researchers from nine countries will discuss the latest digital applications in research, diagnosis, treatment and support of individuals affected by autism.

Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Rob Ring will discuss “Genes in the Cloud,” a talk about Autism Speaks collaboration with Google to provide researchers with open access to an unprecedented library of ten thousand anonymous autism genomes.

To provide the widest possible access, the Orange Foundation will publish the entire content of ITASD 2014 online at on October 10. The complete program is online here.

For more on the Autism Speaks-Google “Big Data” collaboration with Google, see “Autism Speaks & Google Harness ‘Cloud’ for Genomic Breakthroughs.”

Also see, “A Brother’s Love and a Global Meeting on Innovative Autism Technologies,” by conference ITASD co-organizer Gerardo Herrera.