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French Company Reports Autism Gene Isolation Using AGRE Samples

October 14, 2007

IntegraGen, a personalized medicine company based in France, has been using samples from US families, provided by the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE), to investigate the genetics of autism. Researchers at IntegraGen have discovered twelve genes associated with autism and the first results of this work are submitted for publication. Most of these genes affect two major gene networks, one regulating synaptic transmission in the cerebellum and the other involved in axonic transport.

The Company is developing a genetic test for autism that might help with diagnosing the condition. The test is currently undergoing extensive clinical validation and is expected to be available in 2006. Earlier and more accurate diagnosis of autism in young children will allow direct interventional therapy to be given at the earliest possible age, when it is of greatest potential benefit.

IntegraGen uses its unique genomic analysis expertise to identify genes associated with complex diseases and to develop diagnostic tests. The Company applies its innovative gene mapping technology, GenomeHIP (Genome Hybrid Identity Profiling), to rapidly discover genetic loci that are implicated in complex, multi-factorial diseases. GenomeHIP is a major advance that overcomes the limitations of existing marker based familial linkage study methods. More information on IntegraGen can be found at