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Dr. Manuel Casanova Organizes "Cortical Modularity in Autism" Conference

September 04, 2007

Dr. Manuel Casanova, Autism Speaks and Autism Tissue Program Researcher, has organized a conference entitled “Cortical Modularity in Autism”. This 2 day symposium, to be held October 12-14, 2007, in Louisville, KY, will encourage communication and in-depth discussion of a broad range of subjects under the unifying theme of cortical modularity. The topics to be covered at the conference span a wide spectrum of resolution from the whole brain to the interaction of neurons within the cortex on a cellular basis. The program includes internationally recognized leaders and talented new investigators. By bringing together these researchers the symposium will: 1) help coalesce apparently disparate subjects under the umbrella of cortical modularity, 2) develop a focused group with a coherent view on how to identify cortical modules and their basic components, and 3) bring new investigators and research techniques into the field of autism. As a sponsor of this meeting, Autism Speaks invites all researchers and scientists interested in participating in this exciting program to contact Dr. Casanova.

View a PDF Brochure/Registration Form indentifying the speakers and topics of discussion