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Donor Services of Indiana to Collaborate with Autism Speaks' Autism Tissue Program

August 23, 2009

Brain tissue provides one of the most critical resources for researchers to pursue scientific investigation into the biological causes of autism. It is also one of the most difficult and precious resources to obtain. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that Autism Speaks announces the addition of the Donor Services of Indiana (DSI) as a new collaborator with Autism Speaks' Autism Tissue Program (ATP).

Led by Terri Tibbot, MS, CTBS, an established expert in the fields of tissue banking and public education of the significance of tissue donation, DSI brings an outstanding level of expertise and commitment to our efforts to acquire tissue donations in support of autism related research. Located in the northern Midwest, this facility adds a strategic geographical position covering much of Indiana and neighboring regions, which will greatly increase the number of tissue donations to ATP. Additionally, with DSI's commitment to public education, we have found a strong advocate and partner in our efforts to further improve the success of ATP and increase the pace of autism discovery. This is just the first of many partnerships the ATP is hoping to launch in order to facilitate this important line of research.

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