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Discover Ranks Autism Speaks’ Genome Project among Top Stories of 2013

Magazine emphasizes autism genome project’s importance in understanding autism subtypes
January 10, 2014

Discover magazine has posted “Autism Genome Sequenced,” as #33 in its series of “Top Stories of 2013.” The story describes the publication of the early results of Autism Speaks’ 10K Autism Genome Project.

Since December, Discover has been sequentially posting all of the stories featured in its December “Top 100 Stories of 2013” double print issue. Today’s news story emphasizes the Autism Genome Project’s importance in advancing understanding of the genetic basis of autism subtypes.

The Autism Genome Project has also demonstrated great promise for guiding personalized treatments for autism and its related medical conditions. For more on this aspect of the research, see “Whole Genome Sequencing Advances Autism Diagnosis and Personalized Care.”