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Cure Autism Now Think Tank Leads to Clinical Trial Standards for Autism Research

October 14, 2007

Articles available for download below

In Spring 2002, the Cure Autism Now Foundation convened a meeting of leading clinical researchers in autism from around the country. The results of this meeting comprise the entire issue of the January 2004 edition of CNS Spectrums, the International Journal of Neuropsychiatric Medicine. The articles represent a synopsis of five subcommittees of the Cure Autism Now Clinical Trials Task Force.

The 2002 meeting, co-chaired by Dr. Ricki Robinson and Dr. Eric Hollander, is an example of how Cure Autism Now works best. CAN's Scientific Advisory Boards identify a need, quickly select and bring together the most qualified people, and come up with a consensus to move the field forward.

One of the greatest challenges facing the field of autism research is the need to establish standards by which to accurately collect and analyze data. This issue of CNS Spectrums represents a milestone for those affected by autism and the clinicians and researchers who provide help and support to these individuals. Without consistent outcome measures and uniform criteria for entering data, previous autism studies attempted to compare apples to oranges. These published articles lay out common core components and approaches for future autism trials and will help researchers begin to build a foundation of coherent autism knowledge.

Cure Autism Now is very thankful to all of the scientists who donated their time to participate in the Clinical Trials Task Force.

The issue of CNS Spectrums will be available online after February 10 at

Download Articles

New Developments in Autism Clinical Trials. Eric Hollander, MD,

Subject Selection and Characterization in Clinical Trials in Children with Autism. Lawrence Scahill, MSN, PhD, and Catherine Lord, PhD.

Outcome Measures for Clinical Drug Trials in Autism. Michael G. Aman, PhD,

Impact of Recent Findings on Study Design of Future Autism Clinical Trials. Eric Hollander, MD,

Autism Clinical Trials: Biological and Medical Issues in Patient Selection and Treatment Response. George M. Anderson, PhD,

Government Initiatives in Autism Clinical Trials. Benedetto Vitiello, MD, and Ann Wagner, PhD

Expanding Our Knowledge of Autism. Jack M. Gorman, MD.