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Brain Child

October 27, 2011


Illustration by Gracia Lam “Asking parents to donate a child’s brain to research is emotionally fraught,” writes Nature reporter Alison Abbott. “Some researchers say that it is time to put aside the taboos.” Autism Speaks Autism Tissue Program (ATP) features prominently in Abbott’s just published feature story on the tissue bank shortage and how a small handful of organizations such as Autism Speaks are working to fill the void and speed research that can help individuals and families struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.

Among those providing perspective in the article is Autism Speaks Vice President of Translational Research Robert Ring, Ph.D. “Tissue-based research has the ability to literally transform our understanding of autism, its causes, and inform direction for treatment development,” Ring says. “It is the highest form of donation.”

A special thanks to all our participating ATP families. For more information on participation, please visit The ATP’s Family Overview page. You can download the complete Nature News feature story here.