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Autism Speaks Announces Environmental Sciences Request for Applications

March 25, 2008

Recent research in autism spectrum disorders suggests that both genetics and environmental factors are involved in the causes of autism. In some instances, this complex disorder may be the result of an interaction of many genes with an as-yet undefined scope of environmental influences. In order to facilitate research into this area, Autism Speaks has issued a "request for applications" or RFA to support scientific study into environmental factors, and gene and environment interactions, in autism.

The types of projects that will be funded are pilot research projects to stimulate new research in this area; augmentation or enhancement awards to expand on-going large-scale research projects which will leverage existing research efforts; and funding for workshops or think tanks to stimulate the implementation of novel approaches in the field. Autism Speaks hopes to receive many meritorious applications, with the goals of expanding the interest and expertise in this important area, illuminating which environmental factors should be investigated further, and understanding how those factors may interact with genetic factors in the development of autism.

The first deadline for applications is June 2, 2008.

Download the Request for Application (PDF) for more information.

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