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Autism Speaks Announces Dates, Venue for 2nd Annual Autism Investment Conference

Autism Speaks' 2nd annual Autism Investment Conference represents the world's premier autism business-development and networking event
September 06, 2013

The 2nd annual Autism Investment Conference will take place next March 4 and 5 at the historic Bently Reserve, in downtown San Francisco.

“From healthcare to education to housing, addressing the diverse unmet needs of the autism community can only be tackled with strong engagement by the for-profit sector,” says Dr. Robert Ring, Chief Science Officer of Autism Speaks.  “Facilitating an awareness and understanding of the opportunity landscape for new business development among the investment community, and providing an event that helps connect developers with investors is why we created the Autism Investment Conference (AIC).”

This past February, Autism Speaks hosted the world’s first conference focused entirely on the rapidly emerging opportunity landscape for investment to support growth of the autism space. The one-day conference brought together more than 130 participants, including investors, business executives, entrepreneurs and product developers.

Building on the success of this event, Autism Speaks is expanding next year’s AIC event to two days to accommodate a greater diversity of expert content and increased opportunities for professional networking. In addition to having access to companies working on some of the most innovative product concepts in autism, AIC2014 will feature expert panel sessions. It will also introduce and break down many of the unique opportunities, challenges and risks facing new product development in autism today including understanding the regulatory environment and exploring reimbursement strategies.

AIC2014 is the premier business development and networking event in the autism space, and is a must-attend event for anyone or any organization interested in learning more about the rapidly expanding opportunity landscape for new product development.

For up-to-date information on AIC2014, including access to the event’s registration portal, please visit the conference website at A detailed agenda as well as information on participants will be announced early fall 2013. You can also subscribe to Autism Speaks Science Digest for meeting notices, autism science news and blogs, delivered biweekly to your inbox.