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Autism Journal Podcast on Adult Outcomes

April 15, 2013

Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice invites Autism Speaks families, researchers and supporters to hear its latest podcast: “Outcomes in adults with autism spectrum disorders: a historical perspective.”

The podcast features Julie Lounds Taylor, Ph.D., a special-education researcher at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, one of 17 Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network (ATN) centers. Dr. Taylor is pursuing Autism Speaks-funded research on the factors that promote employment and independence in adults with autism. (Read about her study here.)

In the podcast, Dr. Taylor discusses historical changes in how researchers and society have defined and supported successful outcomes for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The review article she co-authored is available for free download here.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia psychologist Michele Villalobos, Ph.D., hosts the journal’s Autism Matters podcast series. It aims to engage a broad audience, from researchers and clinicians to individuals and families affected by autism. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is likewise a member of Autism Speaks ATN.

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