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Is Autism the Big New Investment Opportunity?

CNBC spotlights Autism Speaks-Google partnership in tapping venture capital to advance autism-related product development and services
March 02, 2014

Today on CNBC, enterprise “Big Money” reporter Lawrence Delevingne shines a spotlight this week’s Autism Speaks Autism Investment Conference, in San Francisco.

“The big money is starting to take notice of investment opportunities that both could generate profits and help the autism fight,” Delevingne writes in his feature story. He notes the prominent role that Google Ventures is playing by partnering with Autism Speaks to draw investment interest in filling the great need for autism-related products and services.

Joining Google Ventures at the 2014 Autism Investment Conference will be private equity and venture capital firms TPG Biotech, Shore Capital Partners, Bay City Capital, Great Point Partners and Scopia Capital. Conference sponsors include Roche, Dynamis and Alcobra Pharma.

"We see a real possibility to align the creation of value for investors with the creation of value for families in the autism space," Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Robert Ring told CNBC. "There's a real opportunity landscape out there. It's just for us a matter of opening the eyes of the investment community to see that."

The conference runs Tuesday and Wednesday, in San Francisco. In addition, Google is offering registrants a free full-day “Equipping Entrepreneurs” workshop on Thursday at its headquarters in nearby Mountain View.

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