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AGRE Hits New Milestone in Autism Research

October 10, 2007

The last twelve months have seen a number of milestones for AGRE. In March of this year, AGRE published 46 new families in its pedigree catalog, bringing the total number available to researchers to 586. This solidifies AGRE's position as one of the largest gene banks for autism research in the world. Also this year, 17 new peer-reviewed publications were published using the AGRE sample. Links to abstracts and articles referencing the AGRE sample are now available on the Cure Autism Now website.

AGRE continues to build strategic alliances with universities, biotechnology companies, and other research organizations to accelerate the pace at which discoveries are made. This year they completed collaborations with Lipomics Technologies, Inc., and Washington University in St. Louis, and have embarked on new collaborations with Stanford University and The Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC).

This past year has also been incredible in terms of new family sign-ups and clinical visits. We had 210 new families join the AGRE program this year, with increasing numbers of sign-ups every month. AGRE's clinical raters visited 144 families and completed testing on 295 children. In addition, the AGRE phlebotomists visited 202 families all across the US.
Cure Autism Now is elated by the progress that AGRE has made in just a few short years, and continue to accelerate the pace of research bringing us closer to the cure.