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‘Frankie & Me,’ Special Videocast for Autism Awareness Month

Inspired by daughter, Autism Speaks-funded researcher Kevin Pelphrey to discuss advances in understanding autism in girls and women
April 06, 2015

The National Institute of Mental Health invites the public to view a special National Autism Awareness Month lecture by renowned Yale neuroscientist and Autism Speaks-funded researcher Kevin Pelphrey – father of a daughter on the autism spectrum – at 2 pm Eastern Time April 6, 2015.

View the lecture live or archived at

A developmental psychologist, Dr. Pelphrey directs the Yale Center for Translational Developmental Neuroscience. As a world-renowned autism researcher, he is motivated by his family to change the way we view autism and to develop new treatments informed by neuroscience and genetics.

Dr. Pelphrey will discuss his personal and professional journey with Frances, who said her first word at three and a half years old. When Frankie received her diagnosis at age four, Dr. Pelphrey shifted his research to autism. In particular, his work focuses on identifying the unique genetic and neural mechanisms that give rise to autism in girls and young women.

Read more about Dr. Pelphrey’s Autism Speaks-funded research here.

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