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Autism Tissue Program

Welcome to the Autism Tissue Program!

We know very little about the human brain.  More intriguingly, we know even less about the autistic brain and why its development is altered.  Few people grasp that in order to overcome our lack of understanding, scientists must directly study the human brain – excelling far beyond the limitations of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and genetic research.  For this very reason, brain tissue is the most precious element in the process of neurological scientific discovery.  Unfortunately, this resource is exceptionally rare, hindering the very research that will help us understand autism.

The Autism Tissue Program (ATP), a clinical program of Autism Speaks, is dedicated to supporting scientists worldwide in their efforts to understand autism, autism related disorders and the human brain.  The ATP makes brain tissue available to as many qualified scientists as possible to advance autism research and unravel the mysteries of this and related neurological conditions.  In fact, it is the only program solely dedicated to increasing and enhancing the availability of post-mortem brain tissue for basic research in autism.

Each precious donation to this program greatly adds to our understanding of the complexities of the human brain and the factors that contribute to autism.

Our Mission

  • To facilitate brain research and our understanding of autism, autism related disorders, and the human brain
  • To directly support researchers in their scientific efforts to understand autism
  • To facilitate post-mortem brain donation and augment tissue banking
  • To continue to expand our international presence and promotion of brain banking and brain tissue research globally
  • To support families that have given this most precious of gifts
  • To help educate the public about the great need and importance of brain tissue donation

Learn more about the on this website, email us at  or call us directly at 1-877-333-0999 and speak with one of our advisors.