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Autism Speaks National Conference Schedule

Treating the Whole Person with Autism: Providing Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents with ASD

Friday, August 3 – Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Hilton Columbus at Easton
Columbus, OH


This conference will inform clinicians, educators, and families about current research, tools, guidelines and techniques being used to identify and treat medical conditions, address behavioral concerns, and help children and adolescents with ASD have healthy and successful lives.

Please click here to see the full conference agenda, learn about presenters, session topics, and more.

Intended Audience

• The presentations are intended for physicians, psychologists, nurses, allied health professionals, educators, behavioral therapists and other professionals, individuals on the autism spectrum, and families whose lives have been touched by autism.
• Concurrent sessions focus on similar topics but are targeted specifically to the needs and interests of families and professionals respectively.
• Although the concurrent sessions have been designated “clinical sessions” or “family sessions”, conference participants may attend any of the sessions as space permits. However, continuing education credits may only be earned through attendance at the professional sessions and by registering under the clinical track rate. 

General Science Sessions

Science sessions will feature presentations by researchers highly regarded in their respective fields. The general sessions are offered to both family and professional registrants.

Day One (Friday) Science sessions will examine the role of immune dysfunction in autism, metabolic dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction and the GI microenvironment, and impaired carbohydrate digestion in relation to GI disorders in ASD.

Day Two (Saturday) Science sessions will cover advances in autism sleep research, the prevalence and nature of psychiatric disorders in individuals with ASD, an overview of cognitive behavioral therapies, and the trajectories of development during adolescence and adulthood.

Concurrent Sessions – Care in a Clinical Setting

Each clinical session for professionals will focus on an overarching clinical theme, addressed through a set of presentations, each by an expert clinician. Each presentation will provide an opportunity for questions, and each session will feature a panel discussion.

Day One (Friday) clinical sessions will cover topics in Comprehensive Management of Challenging Behaviors and Neurological Issues.

Day Two (Saturday) clinical sessions will cover topics in Sleep as well as Gastroenterology and Nutrition.

Concurrent Sessions - Care in the Family Context

Each family session, led by an experienced expert in the field, is aimed at helping families learn to manage their child's care in several areas that are important for optimal health and success for children on the autism spectrum.

Day One (Friday) family sessions will cover topics on Sleep, Gastroenterology and Nutrition including complementary and alternative treatments.

Day Two (Saturday) family sessions will cover Comprehensive Management of Challenging Behaviors and a session that will help parents learn to effectively manage their child's health within the context of the family and coordinate their care among multiple providers.

Learn more about our Keynote speakers here.


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