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Calls to Action

World Health Organization Collaboration


Awareness on developmental disorders such as Autism has increased substantially during the last five years. However, the majority of people living with these disorders remain unidentified and untreated. With the proposed project WHO aims to support the existing healthcare facilities and care-providers to identify and treat such developmental disorders. This should result in individuals with developmental disorders and their families consulting doctors and nurses familiar with the management of these disorders and receiving care and treatment. WHO together with Autism Speaks aims to: a. Support efforts so that governments recognize that developmental disorders need more attention. b. Support efforts to increase the amount of money invested in the provision of services to individuals with development disorders, and c. Turn existing research into actionable measures protecting children with development disorders d. Equip national healthcare authorities with tools and knowledge to develop and establish the required services These activities are likely to lead to more attention to and more services to individuals affected by developmental disorders including autism spectrum disorders, within the period of collaboration and beyond it.